Elevax V-3 adhesive mortar

Elevax V-3 adhesive mortar

Adhesive mortars


ELEVAX V-3®️ is a unique type of adhesive mortar. Unlike powder adhesives, our product has the form of paste which is ready to use as soon as the package is opened.
Our adhesive mortar is based on aqueous suspensions of acrylic resins and other components which are completely safe and harmless to the user’s health. This technology has been developed in cooperation with the worldwide chemical corporation BASF.

ELEVAX V-3®️ is an adhesive mortar characterised by outstanding working properties - for instance, if spread with a toothed spatula, the so-called “shape memory” will maintain its original structure. ELEVAX V-3®️ is characterised by good surface wetting properties. It provides excellent adhesion in working state (wet) characterised by no run-offs from vertical surfaces at all, even with the tiles attached.

After drying off completely, the adhesive mortar becomes frost-resistant and can withstand temperatures in the range from -20° to +60°C.

Elevax V-3®️

has the CE European quality certificate. Our adhesive mortar is classified as D2E according to the requirements of the PN-EN-12004+A1:2012 standard for dispersion adhesives. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, for ceramic, stone, facade, floor and wall tiles, and for various other finishing materials.

ELEVAX V3 will provide perfect adhesion to:

  • glazed tiling, floor tiles
  • marble, granite, sandstone
  • styrofoam, cork
  • concrete, plaster
  • wood
  • glass
  • other materials

Available packages: 0.45 kg; 0.8 kg; 1.5 kg; 4.0 kg; 8.0 kg; 16 kg.