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Welcome to ELEVAX®️ website. Here you will find all the information about our cutting-edge ELEVAX V-3 dispersion adhesive, as well as all the necessary guidance on how to apply and use it.

Who we are

We started our operations in 1991. In 1998, we transformed our civil partnership into a limited liability company which continues to operate to this day.

Already at the beginning of our company, we have established cooperation with the international chemical company BASF who have become our principal supplier of raw materials and with whom we are still working to maintain the high quality of our products. We are planning to expand our offering soon and introduce new, top-quality construction chemistry products to the market.

At the beginning, we had to make a decision whether to start mass production of powder adhesives which were then beginning to appear on the Polish market, or to manufacture and market advanced products characterised by ease-of-use, clean storage and, most importantly, complete safety, as they would be based on the latest generation of acrylic resins. We chose the second option which, albeit not the easiest one, has yielded positive results. The market has grown familiar with our product and its unquestionable values, which is now used for various applications both by individual users and by large construction companies. Our adhesive mortar has found acclaim both in Poland and abroad.

Our story